Best Low-budget Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

Who doesn’t want to go honeymoon after their wedding? I think it’s a silly question because everyone wants to spend the quality time with their loved ones. It is as beautiful as a dream come true type feeling. But it is difficult for most of the people because they can’t afford an expensive honeymoon. Also, many people spend their most of money by arranging expensive weddings. Here are the most beautiful and cheap honeymoon destinations for you. So, let’s check all these beautiful destinations. 

Best Low-budget Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

1. Bali

This beautiful and mesmerising place will fit into your budget very easily. It is the most famous place for honeymoon. Amazing beaches and dream-like accommodation are the best combination for couples to enjoy romantic honeymoon with a perfect cost. There will be lovey-dovey night-falls, delicious food and many more attractions which make it the perfect place. 

2. Thailand

The weather of Thailand always looks amazing especially from November to April. So, if you guys are beach lovers then this spot is for you. You can enjoy the Phuket weather, beaches and romantic dinners or you can go to Pearl Island and Morakot Cave for making unforgettable memories. There is a Thai ceremony in which you can celebrate your wedding happiness with priors. You can also experience stunning nightlife of Bangkok. 

3. Puerto Rico

Tropical rainforests, stunning beaches and sea-sides make it the perfect destination for honeymoon because it is budget friendly too that it makes name to cheap honeymoon destinations list. San Juan is the capital of the country and famous for its lively nightlife and bars. There is so much to enjoy including Scuba diving.

  4. Florida Keys

If you are a busy person and don’t want to spend much time on honeymoon then Florida Keys is the right beach place.  Plus, you will not have to spend much on it. You will experience easy and lovey-dovey stay here. Enjoy your honeymoon on a unique boat which is glass-bottomed and survey Molasses Reef! 

 5. Cook Islands

The place has the most beautiful weather you will ever experience. There are museums, cafes and many local shops where you can walk and talk with your partner. They offer many packages for trips. So, choose according to your budget. And enjoy your tour under the water in caves and canyons!

 6. Philippines

It is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations. All the islands are very satisfying for couples with plethora of activities. Beautiful natural views and environment are the perfect duo, but one thing that you should remember is that it is more convenient to live in Manila than other areas. 

  7. Carmel California

If you are a food and rest lover, Carmel is the nice option. It has the windy beaches where you can refresh yourself and satisfy your food cravings with a glass of wine. You may find it expensive but if you stay in the country, the trip will be affordable! 

These are the perfect options for affordable luxury and cheap honeymoon destinations. So, what are you thinking for? Make your budget now.

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