Adventures of Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic, one of California’s least known and most explored national parks, combines warm, colorful hot springs with pointy, photogenic mountains, an impressive and interesting place. It’s very scenic with many adventure things to do like bubble mud pots, summit of lassen volcano peak, the area ruined by the lava rocks from eruption and a beautiful combination of forest trails and lakes make it an unforgettable adventure place.

adventures of lassen volcanic national park ca
adventures of lassen volcanic national park ca

How long does it take to visit Lassen Park?

For those who want to do a quick visit, with few walks, and simply drive by car and see the main highlights of the park, in 3 or 4 hours you can have a good idea of the park. For tshose who enjoy hiking and want to explore the park further, I recommend at least one full day. If you have two, the better.

Adventures of Lassen Volcanic Park & Things to Do

Explore all the wonderful adventures of lassen volcanic national park and amazing things to do.

1. Lassen Volcanic Visitor Centers


Lassen Volcanic Park has two Visitor Centers that operate at varying times throughout the year. If you need tips for park hikes or other information, talk to a responsible employee in either of the following two places:

  • Kohm Yah-mah-nee Center Visitor
  • Loomis Museum

2. Sulphur Works


Another must-see attraction for geology admirers. Sulphurs Works is a former sulfur mine (brace for rotten egg smells) that has been very successful in the past before the site became a national park. The place is a festival of colors derived from clay minerals in orange, yellow and red, with smoke rising through the air.

3. Waterfalls


Although the focus of the park is not to enjoy waterfalls, there are two beautiful waterfalls that can be a good summer hiking option:

  • Mill Creek Falls : A 23-meter-tall waterfall (the highest in the park), accessed by a 6-kilometer round trip.
  • Kings Creek Falls : A waterfall about 15 meters high, accessed by a nearly 4 km round trip

 Mill creek falls.

4. Emerald Lake


Emerald Lake is a small lake located in a glacial basin below Ski Heil Peak, near Lassen Peak and about half a kilometer from Lake Helen. Both lakes were formed by glacial structures, carved from dacite rock by the action of the huge glaciers that existed in the area. During the winter months, it usually gets frozen. Paulo took the opportunity to rest lying on a tree trunk that was inside the lake. The lake bed is all soft sand.

5. Helen Lake


Lake Helen is one of the best places in the park to admire the Lassen Peak. Due to the low temperatures, it is common for it to be frozen (or almost) for most of the year until mid-summer. The lake bed is all made of stones and it is difficult to walk barefoot around the place, because the stones hurt the feet. In fact, the water is very cold even in summer. It is a very deep lake, reaching a depth of 33 meters. The lake’s peculiar blue color is the result of the mineral content of the water. 

Where to stay at Lassen Park?

The only lodging option inside Lassen Park is camping (for those who do not face a tent, or during the colder seasons, renting a Motorhome / Camper Car is always a good choice). For those who prefer hotels, the closest cities to Lassen National Park are Mineral, Chester and Susanville. Looking at the map, the distances seem small, but in practice they are not. You can find and book a hotel at an affordable prices from our website.

Chester is 35 minutes from the park entrance and Mineral is even closer (only lodging options are WELL limited and are exhausted in the blink of an eye). So, did you get excited about the ride?

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