Best Places to Travel Alone – Best Solo Destinations

Check out this pick list of best places to travel alone. If traveling alone is challenging enough , imagine being a woman and traveling alone. This is because, unfortunately, we have recurring cases of harassment and even violence against women in various parts of the world. With that in mind, we made a special list of 5 best solo destinations without fear and being free around the world.

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Best Places to Travel Alone – Best Solo Destinations

Everyone love to travel without limits. I mean who doesn’t? Well, most the people travel in groups or couples. But what if you don’t have company for your travel? So, no need to worry about that. We have gathered 5 best places to travel alone that will be the best solo destinations for you.


australia best place to travel alone - best solo destination

Australia is one of the safest place to travel alone. Melbourne has been voted several times as one of the best cities to live in. In addition, the Australian people are very receptive to tourists and immigrants. And you won’t have to worry about street or party harassment, as Australians are very respectful of women. It is the ideal destination for enjoying the beaches, nature and bustling nightlife of the country’s cities, and the best: without the fear of being insecure in an unknown place.


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Neighboring Australia, New Zealand is not much different in terms of security. The country is fourth in the global peace index . Imagine visiting the most beautiful landscapes in the world without worrying about “fiu-fiu” that you may receive for being short, and enjoy the beaches of the country in peace ! Would it be our dream? (yea!!!) On top of that, it is very easy and safe to get around New Zealand, you can visit many cities while you are there.


ireland best solo destination

If you want to take a trip away from the beaches and the heat, Ireland is the ideal place to go. It is not at all strange to see women traveling alone . In addition, the Irish are receptive and friendly . You will be able to go alone in the various pubs of the country and come back full of friends! You will be able to enjoy the coolness and the Irish landscapes with great tranquility and safety.


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Thinking about taking a trip across Latin America? Costa Rica is the Central American country that receives the most women traveling alone because it is the safest country in the central part of the Americas. There is no one who doesn’t speak of the country with a smile on his face. This is because the local people are very hospitable and relaxed , greeting everyone with their official greeting: “Pura Vida!” . Because the country’s economy comes mainly from tourism, Costa Ricans care a lot about the well-being of their visitors so they can always come back. Which is not difficult to happen, as Costa Rica’s natural beauty is simply amazing.


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Iceland is the safest country to travel alone of the best solo destinations. It is first in the World Peace Index and its people are very receptive and polite to tourists. Being the second largest island in Europe, the country is the most polar part of Europe, so enjoying the cold is one of the prerequisites for visiting the country. Midnight Sun in summer and Aurora Borealis in winter makes Iceland one of the best place to visit. Iceland has beautiful natural attractions such as waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers and thermal pools. Its capital, Reykjavik, is the hipster destination of the moment, famous for its bucolic daytime lull and its buzzing social nightlife . Imagine what a wonderful place to meet.!

Did you like our choice of best places to travel alone? It’s important to remember that taking a trip alone can be tricky, but it’s a great experience of self-awareness and, of course, knowing the world. Be sure to try these best solo destinations.

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