Best Time to Visit Yellowstone National Park & Things to Do

It is a National Park of USA that was opened back in 1872. It is situated in three different states that are Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  It is known for its sceneries and breathtaking views. This park comprises of many lakes, different canyons, flowing rivers and huge mountain ranges. Yellowstone Park has a Yellowstone lake inside it which is said to be one of the highest elevation lakes found in the North America. This park gives life to hundreds of species inside it.

best time to visit yellowstone national park

Best time to visit Yellowstone national park

One of the peak and best time to visit Yellowstone national park is starting from the month of April to May and from September to October. It is the best time to catch unforgetable memories of Yellowstone national park. These months would give you amazing mild weather and even in these months, it wouldn’t be too crowdy. There’s another time you can also visit and have fun with your kids while they’re on summer holidays from the school in the month of July and August.

Things to do and places to visit at Yellowstone National Park

The moment you step in this amazing park you will know that it was worth every mile. With the endless green meadows, spectacular mountain ranges and abundant wildlife Yellowstone has breathtaking views and sceneries.

West thumb geyser basin

West Thumb Geyser Basin

One of the best places to visit the geothermal activities bubbling hot water is the west thumb geyser basin which possesses different colors. There is a ramp built around it to watch the nature closely. Different colored water will attract you but don’t put your foot down as it is steam water.   

Old Faithful

Old Faithful eruption and sign

Then is the Old Faithful, one of the most visited geysers of the world. It blows steam after every 60 to 90 minutes in the sky and visitors are stunned by the exciting view of hot showering water coming out of earth. Tourists wait with their phones in their hands to make video of this awesome scene.

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake is said to be the heart of the park, and enthusiast can visit here for many recreation activities like enjoying in a kayak or explore the slow waves of water on foot.

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River

One of the best parts of the park is its wonderful Yellowstone River which goes in to the great canyon through 300 feet lower falls which gives a magnificent view and needs to be captured from artist point.           

Location of Yellowstone national park

This park is located in three different states. It can be said that mainly it is located in one state because it covers 96% large area of Wyoming. Only 3% small area of Montana and some area of Idaho that is only is 1% of the total park’s area. It covers a very large area of 3500 square miles and is hard to give its any specific dimensions. Its dimensions are 44Ÿ25’45.9”N 110Ÿ35’16.8”W. It is an exciting place to visit in summer vacations that are full of adventures and thrill.    

Yellowstone national park weather

Yellowstone national park is situated almost 6000 feet above the sea level which makes it toughest to predict the weather forecast. It is highly recommended to bring warm clothes with you even in summers too. The best time to visit Yellowstone Park is the summers, spring and fall. It is almost impossible to live there in winters. The weather in winters varies from -20 to -55 degree in the winters. Snowfall is a daily routine there which makes movement impossible. The weather in summer there is perfect. Sunny days and cool nights make your vacations perfect. The temperature recorded there in summer is 25 to 0 degree at higher mountains. Enthusiast people who love nature and love winters too can visit this park in spring and fall.

What are the best entrances for Yellowstone national park?

Each entrance to Yellowstone gives various advantages. As western entrance gives opportunity to and easy access to attractions and lodging. South entrance advantages by connecting it to the other national wonder park the Grand Teton national park. Park’s east entrance is the gateway to amazing lake of Yellowstone national park.

Yellowstone national park lodging

Old Faith Inn lodge

This lodge has an accommodation of almost 300 rooms. The room price here is starting from $148 and goes up till $470 per night. They provide the facility of ATM and fax for the guests. 

Lake Yellowstone lodge

It has an accommodation of 296 rooms. The room rent varies here from $190 to $676. They provide a very special facility of Wi-Fi also an ATM machine for the public and guests.

Canyon lodge and Cabins

A lodge built half mile away from the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Park. It is located closest to the Canyon village. The rents here are starting from $145 per night.  

Yellowstone National Park Camping

Yellowstone Park contains more than hundred species in which wild animals are also present. It is not allowed to park your car and you cannot camp anywhere in the Yellowstone national park. There are designated campgrounds throughout the park in which camping is done. There are 12 campgrounds which charge differently according to their facilities. Bridge bay campground charges $26 per night, canyon campground charges $31 per night and they have enough facilities for you to enjoy the weather of Yellowstone.

Flights to Yellowstone

Yellowstone National park needs to be visited for at least ten days. Cites like edreams and Kayak is very helpful in booking flights along with hotel accommodations too. On an average a return flight from Istanbul to CODY WY would cost you 900$ to 1000$. From London city it will cost 1100$ to 1200$. From Dubai it will cost 1700$ to 1800$ approximately. These are the estimated prices for summer and this place is worth to spend this much money.  You can find an affordable flight deal to Yellowstone national park.

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