California’s Pinnacles National Park Attractions

Pinnacles is the newest National Park in the United States and became a national park only in 2013, but since 1908 is a National Monument (Ecological Preservation Area). In this post I will give you some tips on how to organize your trip to get the most out of Pinnacles national park.

Things to Do in Pinnacles National Park 

Elegant rock formations, caves for not even a type of bat to blemish, and a lot, but a lot of nature. There are over 100 species of wildflowers that bloom in the spring and leave the park with a colorful beyond special, more than 400 species of bees, birds such as the California Condor (one of the largest birds in the United States), Pica- red-headed sticks and a starry sky.

High Peaks – Pinnacles National Park Trails

pinnacles national park trails

This is a moderate to hard track. It is 10.7 km (with 400m elevation) full of beautiful country, stylish stones, some pinacles and for those who like us decide to face the trail in summer, a daring heat. The average time on the trail is between 4 and 5 hours. 

Pinnacles National Park Caves

pinnacles national park caves

Tai an easy Pinnacles national park trail easy to make and wonderful. The path is all flowery and almost every flat. It is 6.4 km of trail with very low elevation and to make the most exciting end, the Pinnacles national Cave is super dark and full of cool passages. Bring a powerful flashlight, preferably one of these headlamps and get ready to feel like a true explorer.

And toast…

 some Woodpeckers  lots of colorful lizards, a super cute coyote and some cheesy (and unwanted) raccoons who wanted to devour part of our dinner but were quickly amazed by Gustavo’s fury. Anyway, a wonderful program for those who enjoy nature, hiking and escape a little from the ordinary.

When to visit Pinnacles National Park?

The park is open all year round and every day of the year. Between February and April is the peak season in the park, which is usually crowded on weekends. Between June and September, the park gets extremely hot, but with lots of water and sunscreen, until you can enjoy it. Between October and February the temperatures are cooler, but it may rain a little.

How to get?

Pinnacles National Park is 197 km from San Francisco (about a two-hour drive). For those who have good pic, you can even do a round trip, but who can and have time, it is very worth camping or spend a night in the park to enjoy everything calmly and form a little wine on the return. And look at some beautiful landscapes on the way…

Pinnacles National Park admission costs $ 5 per car and is included in the national park program, meaning anyone with the park card enters for free.

Where to stay?


The park has a good, well-organized public campsite, with a bathroom, coin showers and even a swimming pool. For those who like to camp, or are thinking of renting a Motor Home, this is a good and cheap way to enjoy the park. Public camping must be booked in advance (maximum 6 months) especially during peak season. 

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