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When it comes to travel almost every one of us loves it but sometimes we are short of budget or we are maintaining a tight budget. What to do in such circumstances? Stop travelling to save some extra bucks or look for some cheaper places to visit? In my opinion we must go with the second solution i.e. search for the travel destinations that are relatively cheaper but also provide us maximum fun but in cheaper prices. This article intends to provide you assistance in your search of cheapest places to travel in world including Europe, Asia and America.

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List of Cheapest Places to Travel – Cheap Places to Travel

Every continent has hundreds of beautiful destinations to travel in an affordable budget. To make it easier for the travelers to find the best and cheapest places to travel, we have made a list of best destinations to enjoy the tour in a low budget. Explore all the cheap places to travel and start your journey in your budget now.

Cheap Places to Travel in Europe

Here’s all the cheap places to travel in Europe.

Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon portugal cheap places to travel in the world

In Comparison to other western European capitals, Lisbon is one of the less expensive tourist destinations to visit. You can discover five-star lodging for under $250/night. Besides five star hotels, rental rooms and cottages are also available for accommodation on lesser rates. Majority of Lisbon’s top attractions are allowed to visit free or require nominal entry fees. Also, getting around is nominal, as well. A day pass, which provides limitless commute via metro, buses and trams, including the well known Tram 28 and the Santa Justa Elevator, is just for $ 7.

Prague, Czech Republic


Other than the flight to Prague, you don’t have to spend extensively to experience Prague. Majority of the city’s most famous attractions are opened to the visitors, free of cost which includes the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and Petrin Hill. Accommodation here is also relatively cheap from other European travel destinations.

Porto, Portugal

porto portugal cheapest places to travel

As the years go by, this inexpensive destination is becoming increasingly popular, so make sure you visit while it is still affordable. Right now, for as little as $62 round trip, you could take the train from Lisbon to Porto. When you arrive, you will be pleased to learn that you can visit some top attractions here, such as the Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto Cathedral and Crystal Palace Gardens, for free.

Istanbul, Turkey

istunbul turkey cheap places to travel

Due to reasonable exchange rates, Istanbul is extremely reasonable for Western visitors. Access to Istanbul’s major attractions, for example, the Blue Mosque and Süleymaniye Mosque, are free, while admission to other well known attractions, including the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace Museum, costs under $15 all together.

Besides these cheap European tourist destinations;

Beside the above mentioned ideal and cheap tourist destinations; Budapest in Hungary, Warsaw in Poland, Sofia in Bulgaria, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Krakow in Poland, Riga in Latvia and Vilnius in Lithuania are also very pocket friendly and incredible tourist destinations in Europe.

Cheap Places to Travel in Asia

Asia is on the list when it comes to cheap destinations. Explore all the cheap places to travel in Asia.


nepal cheap place to travel in asia

Although sightseeing flights over Mount Everest and extreme multi-day treks in the Himalayas can cause skyrocketing costs. For visiting Nepal base costs are very nominal. A lunch in a budget restaurant would cost about 200 NPR (about 1.80 USD) at an average. Inexpensive double rooms can be found in a Kathmandu guesthouses for as little as 1,300 NPR (around 11.80 USD) a night.

Sri Lanka

sri lanka cheap places to travel in asia

Cheap transportation, accommodation and meals, is what Sri Lanka an ideal tourist destination with maximum facilities. Cheap but filling and flavorful food will cost you around 250 LKR (around 1.60 USD). From enjoying the shorelines to wandering around cultural sites is free of cost.  Travelers can relish Sri Lanka with budget of around 6,000 LKR (around 37.50 USD) that too per day.


malaysia cheap places to travel in asia

Malaysia is beginning to truly come up to its claim as a best get-away spot in Southeast Asia. Lovely shorelines, architectural wonders, wonderful national parks, and modern shopping centers draw in diverse types of travelers and in general, travel costs are still lower than in its well known neighbor Thailand.


india cheapest places to travel in the world

A huge and diverse country, India offers something for everyone. From beaches and mountains to world-famous architecture, delicious food, bustling markets, and spiritual experiences, India is a rich and attractive destination. Accommodation, transport and food are the cheapest in this country. Hence, it is a heaven for tourist and people who want to discover diversity, cultures and languages.

Besides the above mentioned Asian Nations; Bangladesh, Indonesia, Georgia, Vietnam, China and Iran are also among the cheap and amazing tourist destinations in Asia. Find out all the best places to visit in Asia.

Cheap Places to Travel in America

America may be expensive but not all the time. There’s many beautiful places for low budget. Check out all the cheap places to travel in America.


chile cheap places to travel in america

You may get astounded to see Chile on this list. But Chile is really considerably less costly than most of its European and American Competitors. The amazing scenery in Chile is worth every penny of yours. Most tourist attractions in Chile cost between $5 USD to $27 USD, Transportation, food and accommodation in Chile are also easily available on nominal rates.


colombia cheapest places to travel

Colombia’s capital has plenty of stuff to do that to on amazingly cheap rates, but to be honest with you Cartagena fishing village is actually the place you should visit, once you land in Colombia. The village is a land of number of exotic and beautiful Caribbean Beaches.

On the other hand Medellin is centre of many tourist activities with many nightclubs, which are always packed with energy and fascinating museums.

As a matter of fact, entire Colombia is amazing to visit with added advantage of her budget friendly nature.

Lima, Peru

lima peru cheapest places to travel in the world

The city of Lima is known for its ‘bargain’. Whether you go for shopping or you dine out Lima has got to offer you amazing discounts. Munch on a fresh ceviche at a roadside stand; drink on pisco sour at a local watering hole, or meander through this magnificent city’s colonial sights but with the confidence that your budget is good and truly under charge.

Peru’s capital, Lima, is one of South America’s most overlooked capital cities, with stunning architecture and a vibrant nightlife scene and is much easier on the wallet than neighboring Brazil’s big cities. We guarantee you that no other view in all of South America will capture your heart as Machu Picchu will- a standout valley and most beautiful valley in Peru.

Besides the above American Tourist Destinations; Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia, Rurrenabaque in Bolivia, The Peruvian Highlands in Peru, Acapulco de Juarez in Mexico, Mazatlan in Mexico and Mexico City in Mexico, are amongst few of the many mist amazing and cheap tourist destinations in America.

Cheap Places to Travel in the World


Turkey offers countless sandy beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, apart from its incredible historically significant sites to its popular gimlet sailboat cruise; Turkey is amazing in all of her Aspects. While in Turkey, try their speciality Balik Ekmek street food , a catch-of – the-day fish sandwich for a few of your bucks, and seek out the world-famous Hagia Sophia, a 1,500-year-old building used by the Byzantine period as a temple, and then the Ottoman mosque. Turkey is an ideal place to visit if you are tight on budget but still want to have best time of your life.


From the bustling bazaars of the old quarter to high rises of New Delhi to delicious food for mere pennies, Delhi is an ideal spot to begin your Indian experience. Actually, many visitors use it as a launch pad for the well known Brilliant Triangle, made up by the three most visited urban areas in northwest India. The other two are Agra, home to the notable marble Taj Mahal, and Rajastan’s capital Jaipur, renowned for its beautiful bazaars and Mehrangarh Fort. There are sorted out visits, however procuring a vehicle with a guide is less expensive and way progressively fun. Other than this you can enjoy hotels providing you with good accommodation and for peanuts (around £6 per night). If you are looking for diverse yet cheap vacations this year then India is country not to be missed.


vietnam best and cheap places to travel in the world

Incredibly delightful and with hands-down the best food in southeast Asia , Vietnam is as yet a modest travel destination. In case you’re set up to get the most of it, you can make with £10 every day, including accommodation, food, transport and a few glasses of Liquor – a pint of Vietnam’s most well known blend, Bia Hoi, costs is as meager as 20p. In all circumstances you can get a double bed room for just £20 with air-conditioning unit, complimentary bear and all other basic facilities. A double bed room at the three-star Hanoi Serenity Hotel will make a total damage of around £17 per night, on your pocket. Moreover you can get heavenly road food where specialty is salty soup and freshly made rice noodles for £1-2. Before you start to explore the cities, to devour on this food is a must.



Among some of the friendliest people in the world are Cambodians, therefore you will be received in the country in a manner that will stay forever with you. Cambodia is developing day by day into a tourist friendly place, attracting hikers the entire year as well as adults who need an amazing trip with minimum budget. Take the example of Palm Village Resort and Spa at Siem Reap, where run of the mill Khmer-style houses cost a night’s B&B from £ 21.70.There’s even a free tuk-tuk service for a joyous and happy trip with in the town.


Greece cheapest place to travel in europe

Greece has always been in the list of countries which provide tourist with beautiful landscapes and other exciting tourist activities on affordable rates. If you are looking to experience a beautiful vacation then Greece is the place for you.

Find out the other amazing destinations to travel. Check out all the best places to visit in Africa.


Beside the above mentioned these countries are also known for a cheap travel and fun filled tourist activities, some of which are even mentioned in this article continent wise;

  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • China
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Maldives
  • Czech Republic
  • Peru
  • Bhutan
  • Laos
  • Seychelles

So folks if you are tired with your routine life but you are still tight on budget there is still a hope for you. Not just hope, we would like to call it a big hope. Now this list in your hand you can plan your trips and tours according to your budget. Fun and rational spending goes hands in hands, we just tried you to assist you a bit before you pack your bags to shed off your daily life load. We wish you best of journeys.

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