How to Get over Fear of Flying? – First Time Flying

Do you feel fear of flying or gonna have first time flight and feeling afraid of… It might be flying phobia. Here’s guide on how to get over fear of flying for the first time flying.

Fear is considered to be one of the most destructive of human emotions, although it is a primitive emotion. Researchers have divided the response Fear into two categories: emotional response and chemical response. While, according to researches, chemical response occurs in similar form in all human beings, emotional response varies from one person to another.

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How to Get over Fear of Flying? Flying Phobia

There are hundreds of fears and phobias that are related to human psychology. Height Phobia, Lift Phobia, Hydrophobia are the most commonly known phobias, but do you know Flight Phobia  also known as Aerophobia is also among  the phobias that are found in human beings al around the world.

Flight Phobia, in a lay man language people usually call it Fear of Flying, is referred to as the fear of being boarded on an aeroplane or any other flying vehicles such as parachutes, hot air balloons and helicopters.

First Time Flying

It is estimated that over 25 million people in America suffers from flight anxiety and surprisingly fear of flying has become the second most prevalent phobia among Americans.  Many people with Flight Phobia avoid taking flights all together but certainly avoidance does not work all the time because what if someone has Flight Phobia but travelling by air becomes inevitable for them, in such circumstances, avoidance is certainly not an option for them. Have you ever wondered what such patients have to go through when they have to take a flight by hook or by crook; because if we can’t do anything else for them at least we can provide support to them by just being empathetic and for this obviously we will have to understand what they go through every time and specially when they have to fly for the first time.

People who feel fear of flying suffer anxiety, emotional turbulence, short breath, cold palms of the hands and high heart beat rate. It’s not compulsory that every time it will happen whenever they fly, but these are the major and most prominent symptoms of the flying phobia.

  • People who haven’t flown before in their life.
  • People who fly with the extreme terror when there’s no any other option to travel they have.
  • People who feel anxiety when they fly.

How to overcome Fear of Flying?

Flight Phobia might seem difficult to treat but in reality it is not that hard to cure it. To treat Flight Phobia, both therapy and medications are used, sometimes therapy and medication is used in combination while other times both of them are used separately according to the condition and circumstances of the patient. CBT and Exposure therapy are the most commonly used therapies to treat Flight Phobia. Two most common medications that are used to treat Flight Phobia are Dramamine, which is a motion sickness medicine, Valium and Xanax- which are Anti Anxiety Medications. Now you may wonder why Anti Anxiety Medications are being used to treat Flight Phobia. Answering this query many psychologists suggests that Flight Phobia stem from other anxiety-related issues therefore; same therapies and medications are used to treat Flight Phobia as Anxiety related issues.

Psychologists suggest that people who are suffering from Flight Phobia must not shy away from seeking professional and psychological help, as fear of flying is not a thing, one must be ashamed of.

Moreover, besides seeking psychological help there are also some self-help steps that one can take to reduce their fear to fly:

First of all such a person has to be honest with him/herself. The first step towards curing this phobia is to acknowledge that you are suffering it. If you want to remain in the state of denial then chances are that things will get worsened for you and the possibility of getting over this phobia will also be vanished.

Secondly, people suffering from Flight Phobia are suggested to educate themselves about aircrafts and how much secure they have been made for the passengers. You can explore the topics of safe flying and science of flying, easily on You Tube and other social media platforms. As it is said that knowledge is power, therefore, gaining knowledge about flying and aircrafts will help you overcoming your Flight Phobia.

Individuals who are suffering Flight Anxiety are also suggested to learn to separate fear from danger. Once this concept is grasped by the patient, that danger exists in real world while fear only exists in one’s imagination, overcoming and reducing fear of flying becomes easier for him/her.

Usually fears and anxiety are caused by negative anticipation of an event that is still to be occurred. Avoiding this negative anticipation about flying experiences can also help reducing Flight Phobia.

Fortunately, by seeking proper psychological help and by undergoing a sound psychological treatment, individuals can defeat this phobia entirely and can enjoy their times and lives travelling by air to wherever they want to. We have to remember this always; that seeking therapy is equals to seeking a good life.

Hope next time you think of taking flight, you know how to get over fear of flying and this flying phobia.

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