Indonesia’s Beautiful Komodo National Park & Things to Do

Komodo National Park is the biggest national parks in the country Indonesia. It was founded back in 1980 to save the lives of Komodo dragons which are said to be world’s largest lizard in size. The Komodo dragons were the endangered species and it was a perfect decision at that time. The main goal of the park authority was to protect the lives of Komodo dragons only but later on it was devoted to protect other species containing the marine species too. This park covers more than 1700 Kilometers in which only 32% is land and 68% is water so marine species were also taken care of. This park is situated inside the Islands of Sunda near Flores Island. The park water is full of rich marine biodiversity and breathtaking views.

Location of Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is found within the Lesser Sunda Islands. This park comprises of almost twenty nine Islands in which three of them are the large Islands and remaining twenty-six are small ones. The larger three Islands are named as Komodo, Rinca and Padar Islands respectively. The population in these Islands is just in hundreds and that too do fishing for their livelihood.  Almost 70% of the park’s area is water that makes Islands more attractive and must visit place to go. The coordinates of the park are 8Ÿ32’36”S 119Ÿ29’22”E. Out of 1733 kilometers surface area 603 kilometers is land only.

Komodo Dragon Preserve

Komodo dragons are vulnerable and their specie is being endangered. In Komodo National Park the number of dragons is almost equal to six thousand. All these dragons are not on the same Island, they are partially divided in different Islands. Major numbers of dragons are on Flores Island i.e. two thousand of them. Then on the Komodo Island which is equal to seventeen hundred, and on the Rinca Island i.e. thirteen hundred dragons. After that small numbers are present in different areas of the country and the world. These dragons do not humans directly if you don’t disturb them. Humans use sticks to keep them away from them. They do not harm if humans make pictures sitting yards near to them. Their specie is endangered and is vulnerable too, so to avoid their murders humans should stop using the things that are made up of Komodo dragon’s skin or body part. In this way the world can let this specie to survive longer.

Things to do at the Komodo National Park

Komodo national park is a water dominated park so the recreation there is more related to the water.

Booking a Yacht from Labuan Bajo Harbor

Booking a Yacht from Labuan Bajo Harbor 1024x553 - Indonesia's Beautiful Komodo National Park & Things to Do

In this park there is a facility of Yacht which makes the tour more special. It is highly recommended to go there for more than 2 days i.e. minimum three to four days because that place needs a clear mind and a relaxed body. Being rushed every time makes your tour even more hectic.  

Scuba Diving near Rinca Island

Scuba Diving near Rinca Ireland 1024x538 - Indonesia's Beautiful Komodo National Park & Things to Do

This park has world class scuba diving facility which takes you even closer to the nature’s wonders. Nothing can be better than a dive in to the blue water of the deep sea.

Taking pictures with the mighty Komodo dragons

Taking a picture with Komodo dragons will give you an amazing memory to be with the world’s largest dragon on earth. 

Hike a mountain to reach to an amazing view

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There are different walking trails and hikes in the Komodo Park which lead you to a breathtaking view. The water around the Island gives astonishing views with forests and rocks. The crystal clear water along with the waves gives you comforting views. The best thing is that the numbers of tourists are less and that makes more calmness and inner peace for you.

Visiting Padar and Bali Island

Visiting Padar and Kamodo Bali Island 1 1024x638 - Indonesia's Beautiful Komodo National Park & Things to Do

Last but not the least is the Padar and Bali Island who are known for its awesome sunset in the middle of the sea. A highly recommended place is the Pink sand beach which is unique for its beauty and awesomeness in Komodo national Park.

How to get to Komodo National Park ?

You have to get to the Flores airport or Bali airport to reach the Komodo Nationals Park. To reach there from New York USA the return ticket varies from $550 to $770. If you get the ticket for Flores airport then you will go to the Harbor that is Labuan Bajo. After that you will be dropped off to your yacht. If you can’t afford a yacht then you will be dropped off on small boats to the Rinca Island where the mainly tourists go and visit. It is up to you whether you want to stay in the Komodo National Park’s dock or you want to go out and visit the whole country. Transportation here is both through roads and water too. Komodo National Park along with the different Islands is ready to host you. The tour guides are easily available online and even there too. They know how to facilitate you properly in a perfect manner.

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