Orange County Fair – OC Fair

Orange County Fair is a festival held under orange counties of different states in USA. These are the festivals that offer public with different kind of fun events and varieties of food to satisfy their appetites on affordable rates. These huge yearly fairs act as centers of diversity and attract people from all over the United States due to the wide range of fun activities these fairs has to offer. The three main Orange County Fairs take place in Costa Mesa in California, New York and Los Angeles. If you are planning to have fun but you don’t have a budget, guess what, Orange County Festivals are the best places to drop by and freeing yourself of daily life loads.

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Orange County Fair – OC Fair

In this article, we will take you through the different fun activities Orange County Fairs offer to the public in New York and Costa Mesa so that you can enjoy the events wholly and fully and don’t miss any of the fun aspects of these festivals. So let’s begin the ride:

Orange Country Festival, New York

Since over 100 years, the Orange County Fair has been attracting families in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Each year, the fair arrange for best of family entertainment, local and national music, racing and sports related to auto such as our demolition derby and of course spectacular amusement rides.

According the fair’s organizers hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in the grandstands and other facilities, enhancing the guest experience and taking the fair to a new level.

If you haven’t been to the fair in a while or if you’ve been a longtime fan of races and such festivals then you should visit this place with your friends and family this year, seeing and enjoying everything Orange County Fair has got to offer.

The fair takes place annually in July. It’s a ten days long festival full of excitement and energies. Last year the festival took place from July 18th– 28. This year, Orange County Fair is expected to take place on the same dates.

Whether you go the fair to see one of their grandstand shows, nearly every event now has some free seating with fair admission or try some delicious food fair has got to offer, watch an incredible lion and tiger show, or spin on one of fair’s all-new rides, W guarantee that you will make family memories that are going stay with you forever.

Some of the most amazing and exciting events the fair has got to offer are:

  • Music Concerts
  • Wildlife shows
  • Amusement Rides
  • Auto shows
  • Auto Racing
  • Mini Zoo
  • Motorcycle Globe of Death

Beside the above mentioned events there are many more to enjoy once you enter the fair, along with amazing varieties of delicious food and exciting rides.

The admission to the fair for children under six years of age is free. For adults it is for $10.  For children between 7-10 years and Senior Citizens (65 years and older), the entry ticket is for $7.

Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa-California

Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa- California is taking pace since 1892.    The fair takes place each year in summers for twenty three days. This year it took place somewhere in September. Next year it is expected to take place in mid of July. Expected dates for the fair are from 10th July- 9th August, 2020. Like the Orange County Festival of

 New York, this fair is also packed with a lot of energy and fun. This fair attracted approximately 1,393,482 people from all over US, this year due to the attractions fair has got to offer. If you are tired of your mundane life and looking for quality entertainment but you are also tight on a budget then there is no better place to go and enjoy yourself with friends or family then Orange Country Fair.

The events which take place under the fair for entertainment purpose are almost same as the New York one such as:

  • Truck Pull
  • Car Shows
  • Auto Racing
  • Wildlife shows
  • Hand Saw Contents
  • Mini Zoo

Besides these main activities and many other events that County Fair has got to offer; exciting rides, variety of delicious food and games are an integral part of Orange Country Fair.

This year tickets were sold for $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for Senior Citizens while the entry for children under 14 years of age is free. The fair also offers hassle free transportation in form of free parking and free shuttle services. Moreover, ATMs are also being installed inside the premises of festival for convenience of the visitors.

For further information about the events and ticket prices, you should visit their website

Orange County Fairs have been amongst the most loved festivals in USA and we believe once you go there, you too will fall in love with it.

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