Best Things to do in San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian, also known as Donostia is a resort town in the mountainous Basque Country in Spain on the Bay of Biscay. Europe in general is known for its exemplary infrastructure and extraordinary scenic beauty, attracting billions of tourists each year. One of the most visited countries in Europe, actually second in rank is Spain, attracting approximately 81.8 million tourist annually, and guess what Saint Sebastian is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country. In this article we will explore why Saint Sebastian is the biggest tourist attraction by letting you go through the things you can do in town, if you are planning to be a tourist there.

Best Things to do in San Sebastian Spain

Best Things to do in San Sebastian Spain

Explore all the best things to do in San Sebastian Spain, one of most popular tourist location in Spain with an average 80+ million visitors per year. Check out all the best attractions of San Sebastian Spain you can enjoy.

  • Beaching

Since San Sebastian is the coastal city therefore, it is known to be having best beaches in entire Europe, and best among the best is Playa de la Concha Beach. Also known as ‘shell beach’ is considered to be Europe’s most exquisite shoreline. Impressed by its perfect arch, Queen Regent Maria Cristina declared it the summer capital of Europe. Moreover, the charming Cantabrian Sea promenade provides a quiet environment and beautiful scenery.

Although surf lovers are moving towards nearby Zurriola Beach, Playa de la Concha is packed with mixed crowds of locals and tourists alike, trying to cool off in the blue water.

  • Culture and History
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The individuals of city are extremely happy with their Basque culture. Furthermore as having their own distinctive language, they also have their own music, dance and costumes, all endemic to the Basque region. Whereas economic process – and even nationalization – might have made their culture vulnerable, there had been a perpetual and conjunctive efforts being made to guard what makes this place so special- The Basque Culture. No wonder, why the city was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture, 2016.  If you are someone who wants to explore new cultures and people, this is the place for you.

San Sebastian has a rich historical background due to Basque Community. Below are listed the historic sites you can visit while you are on a trip to the city:

  • Ayuntamiento de San Sebastian- City hall constructed between the years 1882-1887.
  •  Museo de San Telmo- Basque’s History biggest museum which was inaugurated in the year 1902.
  • La Catedral del Buen Pastor- The cathedral Epitome of Neo-Gothic Architecture which was inaugurated in the year 1897.
  • Palacio Miramar- This historic building was opened as summer holiday home for royal family and in 1972, the government opened its gardens for public.

 Besides this there are many historical sites that you can explore in San Sebastian, if you are an individual, who is pro to history.

  • Culinary

With its thriving culinary scene, San Sebastian has developed a worldwide reputation. The Basque town has an increasing number of trendy brunch and lunch locations in addition to elegant restaurants. With the smell of freshly baked pastries and croissants, bakeries and cafes throughout the region tend to attract tourists. Misura Resturaunt, Sirmiri Gastroleku, Tedeno, Arzak, La Madame and Bideluze are considered to be the best restaurants in the town serving delicious Basque cuisines that are loved by the visitors. If you are a food lover then this is the city for you.

San Sebastian Weather

The weather remains mild, in San Sebastian weather throughout the year, neither too cold nor too hot. Temperature in summers remains between 24 Degree Celsius maximum and 12 Degree Celsius minimum. In winter’s season temperature remains between 12 Degree Celsius maximum and 7 Degree Celsius minimum. However, midsummer (July-August) is the peak and ideal time to travel to San Sebastian since it is the San Sebastian weather warmest season that the city sees.

San Sebastian Spain Hotels

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San Sebastian has become Spain’s culinary hotspot from a small fishing village, including one of the world’s most concentrated clusters of Michelin-star restaurants. Numerous San Sebastian Spain hotels are just ready to host the many tourists to the town within the historic center and the surrounding areas. Take your pick from our list of top ten hotels in San Sebastian, whether you’re searching for traditional Belle-Epoque style luxury or trendy bag-packing hostels.

  • Pension Nuevas Artes
  • Hotel Niza
  • Hotel Villa Soro
  • Irenaz Resort
  • Green nest Hostel
  • Hotel Punta Monpas
  • La Galleria
  • Okako Hotel
  • Lasala Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Akelarre

To get an accommodation in any of the hotels try to hotel booking online in advance before you leave for the trip and don’t forget to check on their latest rates for providing accommodation.

So folks, if you are looking for the best coastal destinations to spend amazing time or looking for a mix of exotic and historic vacations, then you must blindly pick up San Sebastian Spain as your travel destination and believe us you will not be disappointed.

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