Best Things to Do in Monterey California

Monterey is a cute city, full of sights and many fun rides just under 2 hours from San Francisco. Monterey’s tourist hotspot is concentrated in two different regions: Cannery Wharf, a fun and vibrant street full of shops and restaurants, and the old Fisherman’s Wharf where boating, kayaking and scuba diving come from. The two areas are relatively close, and those who are willing can even walk between them.

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Things to Do in Monterey

If you’re planning a visit to Monterey California, here’s you should know all the things to do in Monterey to make this tour memorable for lifetime.

Where to stay in Monterey California hotels?

As well as tourist attractions, Monterey hotels are concentrated in these two areas: Old Fisherman’s Wharf Area and Cannery Row. Cannery Row is more touristy and convenient for first-time visitors, and Fisherman’s often has great value hotel deals. Most of the luxury monterey california hotels can easily booked for your travel.

Monterey things to do

Visit the Monterey Aquarium

The Monterey Aquarium (886 Cannery Row, Monterey) is an aquarium that even aquarists will enjoy. Packed with colorful fish, dancing sardines, fabulous jellyfish, and cute sea otters, this aquarium combines incredible looks with exciting environmental awareness projects. I recommend that you spend at least two hours of your visit to Monterey at this aquarium.

Want to see something really special?

Watch the central aquarium feed every morning and watch thousands of dancing sardines perform a stunt show.

Stroll down Cannery Row: the most colorful street in town.

The Cannery Row is the main tourist street in Monterey. A street full of shops, cafes and restaurants. It is at the very end of the avenue that is the aquarium! Cannery Row was once occupied by dozens of sardine factories, closed due to the disappearance of sardines in the area. The last sardine factory on the street closed in 1973, ten years before the city’s aquarium opened – which coincidentally occupies one of the abandoned factories, Hovden Cannery. Take a look at the architecture of the street during the tour, and how the city’s old sardine factories were renovated and transformed into a cluster of vibrant buildings, malls and hotels. Monterey’s style is unique and Cannery Row yields special photos.

A good and delicious choice is to have Ghirardelli’s ice cream (660 Cannery Row) which has WONDERFUL cups. Upon entering the store you will receive a free sample of the season’s delicious chocolate.

See hundreds of nearby sea lions

How about wrapping up your Cannery Row tour with an absurd amount of loud and cuddly sea lions? Yes, I’m talking about a lot more sea lions than you saw at Pier 39 in San Francisco. Of course, the number of sea lions depends on the season in the year, and the colder, the greater the chance of finding them.

How to get to Monterey?

There are two highways connecting San Francisco to Monterey. 101, faster and less beautiful, and Highway 1 (the coastal path). If you have time, I recommend you take the Highway 1 route . 

I am pretty sure you would love to these things to do in Monterey and will have a lifetime memorable moments.

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