Best things to do in St Louis

Saint Louis is the home of Budweiser and home to one of the nation’s most awarded baseball teams, the St. Louis Cardinals. The region is known for its low cost of living in the US and has a very characteristic mid-west atmosphere. Despite having more than 2 million inhabitants and offering everything big cities have to offer, St. Louis has a calm, peaceful interior climate.

The city is known for its many free or very low cost attractions, with activities for all tastes and ages. It is easy to choose, among so many options, something that gives to enjoy the best she has.

Best things to do in St Louis

The Gateway Arch , a 192m high historic monument with panoramic city views on the Mississippi River. Its format intrigues visitors who enjoy an unusual way to reach the top (just coming to know how to get there! – but not advised for claustrophobics).

Forest Park 

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An ancient park in US history and a source of great pride for St. Louis residents. It is about twice as large as New York City’s famous Central Park and has numerous possibilities for outdoor activities such as tennis courts, ice skating rink, golf course and walking and cycling trails. 

Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village 

Those who want to enjoy the sporting atmosphere that Cardinals’ home offers, watch a game at Bush Stadium or pass Ballpark Village are great options. Ballpark Village is a stadium-side entertainment complex that features a game screen and features bars, restaurants, live bands and night clubs.

The city is also known for its endless possibilities for activities for families and young children, including amazing educational and fun museums: St. Louis Science Center , The Magic House  and City Museum . Believe me, adults have fun too, even more than children themselves.

Budweiser Tours 

Anheuser-Bush offers free tours and factory tours, enabling a complete experience through the history and manufacturing process, as well as a delicious beer tasting.

On Fridays, but not in winter, Tower Grove Park offers Food Truck Friday for a taste of the city’s most popular restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere amidst open-air food trucks.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities and contact with nature, although the relief of the region has no mountains, the parks around the city also surprise with the trails and wonderful views. It’s worth checking out Castlewood Park and the mysterious Meramec Caves .

Isn’t it exciting st louis things to do?

St. Louis is a city with a lot of green, long avenues and few tall buildings. It is a destination that welcomes people from different cultures, many of them coming for work or college opportunities. Old architecture buildings give a certain charm in the region, which does not always conquer you at first, especially those who are used to busy cities and tourist destinations. Still, options will not be short for those who choose St. Louis as their destination. One thing is for sure: whoever comes will feel embraced in this welcoming, accessible city full of possibilities.

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