Florida’s Volcano Bay Adventures

The Perfect Location Full of Excitement and Thrills: Looking for a perfect location to spend your vacations with full amusement, entertainment and trill then you have landed on the right spot!

Here we have a complete guide about one of the best and most exciting and relaxing places in the Orlando, Florida – “The Theme Water Park -Volcano Bay”.

The perfect and the most enchanting place with oscillate palm trees covering the whole path through the massive water pool beneath a giant volcano. However, This is a place of perfect sunshine and interesting yet engrossing theme park, highly recommended place to spend quality of time with your family. The moment you enter inside the pool volcano bay park, trust me the fun and the thrill begins at that very moment.

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The Most Mesmerizing Attraction – Volcano Bay

The volcano tower is of maximum 200ft, the bewitching Krakatau huge volcano is a must watch tower of universal’s volcano bay, it is known as a heart of the volcano water park, Florida. Plus, The giant volcano tower is surrounded with fire and water and similarly, it looks more heavenly during the light show – lava special light effects show at night time.

Volcano Bay Rides

The Most Prepossessing Experience: The volcano park includes different spellbinding and enthralling rides such as,

1. Ko’okiri body ride

A speed slide with a trap-door falling from 125 feet above the pool to with an declined angle of 70-degree. Slide passes through the volcano’s pool attractions. Ko’okiri Body Ride is the tallest capsule drop slide in the world.

2. Runamukka Reef, Kala & Tai Nui Body Slide

A pair of twisting body high speed slides with trap doors. A pair of high speed twisting body slides with trap-door starts. Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides are the tallest slides in the world with over 125 meter of height.

3. Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides

Maku Puihi Round Raft is a thrilling multi person rafting ride that will get your heartbeats to sound higher. It goes through different experiences like darkness, high winds etc. It’s a full of adventure ride that will thrill you soul.

4. Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides

Climb up to the rope bridge and slide down a breathtaking adventure that throws you above 6 feet to fly down to the pool and finally . Be sure to yell your battle cry of “Ohno” as you fly along the twists and turns, soar out into space and splash triumphantly into turquoise blue waters at the base of Krakata.

5. Punga Racers

Punga racers is a four lane racing slide using mats to lay over through the underwater tunnels. The first racer from all four lanes to cross the finish line get a special gift.

6. TeAwa The giant Fearless River

This is an adventurous artificial river filled with transparent water to ride along TeAwa. This is also known as the Fearless River. Dive into this river and experience a full of adventure swim through the high waves and roaring of water.

All these rides are worth trying as they are highly entrancing and exhilarating and provides you with never-ending fun.

Volcano Bay Cabana – With Premium Relaxation

The Volcano Bay, Orlando Water Park has a special cabana for the rest and relaxation, the cabanas are for rent. Complete privacy and well-managed service included, and located throughout the water park. The well-furnished cabana includes; Towels Wood chairs Snack basket and a fruit basket Small water, fridge with soft drinks and juices Small beds for rest and relaxation

Volcano Bay Prices & Volcano Bay Discount Tickets

The one day universal’s volcano bay price costs a maximum of $80. Whereas, 1-day volcano bay full resident tickets cost a maximum of $70. 1 Day full Volcano Bay Ticket Cost; Adult – $80 Kids – $70 Furthermore, you can also buy the volcano bay’s theme place annual and seasonal ticket or passes; Annual Passes categories include; The Seasonal pass The Preferred pass The Power pass The Premier pass Similarly, universal water park volcano bay Orlando, Multiple Tickets for 3 days includes prices up to $74 (3-day pass for 1 park) and $92 (each day park to park) however, the volcano bay special annual passes are also available for bookings with special and interesting benefits. So hurry up! book hotels and flights at cheap prices now and enjoy your vacations at this ravishing and exciting volcano bay water park.

The Volcano Bay Reviews

Florida is famous for many different things, but the first thing that comes to mind is the water pool and theme parks. Universal’s Studios Waterpark, the famous “Volcano Bay Pool Park”, this water park is extremely big and massive; it includes many different fascinating rides. Moreover, A Volcano lava light show makes everything thing look so beautiful and attractive, the water slides that make your vacation extremely worthy, beautiful scene of waterfalls, the soothing sand beaches for playing different games, and also for relaxing and much more with never-ending fun. The massive area of the place gives you complete place and composure to enjoy; it is basically a beach paradise with all the alluring and ravishing scenes and beautiful sunshine.

Florida's Volcano Bay Adventures
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The Perfect Location Full of Excitement and Thrills: Looking for a perfect location to spend your vacations with full amusement, entertainment and trill th

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